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My Love Affair

October 24, 2010
Is there such a thing as a passion for poetry or love for writing? No, not your typical sultry, sinful and lustful love affair I suppose… I apologize for the disappointment if you were expecting some juicy confession of the heart.  This may not be your average love affair but yet it just very well may be one that can indeed capture your heart and move your soul almost as powerfully as any real life lover can.

So before I continue, I have to ask you…  Have you ever lost your self for a few moments in a captivating poem or a few weeks in an enticing book you just couldn’t put down until the last painful page? I say painful because you didn’t really want it to end, even though you knew it had to. Have you ever been transported to a place far, far away through the magical words of a talented writer and without ever even leaving your doorstep? Have you ever felt so moved by a character in a book that long after you finished reading you sat and imagined what they would say to you were you to ever be so fortunate as to encounter them face to face? 

If you answered yes to any of my previous questions than you might have an idea of what I speak of and you can definitely relate. Read on my friend, I say read on!  If, however, you did not say yes to my previous questions, then I can only pity you. To you I must say the following: You, my friend, haven’t really lived at all until you totally lose yourself in the mesmerizing pages of a book or fall in love with a fascinating fictional character. You haven’t quite lived until you travel to unimaginable places  through the descriptive and colorful words of an overactive imagination coupled with the courage of a writer to share her creativity in black and white… all for the opportunity to entertain and move you with her writings, if only for a short time.  

I cannot for the life of me remember the exact date nor can I name the hour when my love affair with words began. I can tell you that I have been fascinated with stories for as long as I can remember. As a child I sat and listened to the story telling in the family… ghost stories native to my mother’s old small town in Chihuahua. Stories my father used to tell us during our long and memorable road trips to and around my family’s country of Mexico. Stories my mother and grandmother used to tell me about when they were little, how they lived and what life was like for them.

Some of my greatest moments in life have been curled up in a quite, comfortable place, totally lost in a good book.

Later I lost myself in books more times than I can count or even remember. I used to sit for hours wondering what was next and imagining myself inside those creative stories. Through books I traveled the world a few times over and I’ve met the most interesting people you could ever imagine. I have discovered so much history, culture and fascinating details of this amazing and crazy world we call home. On more than one occasion I cried when a book ended because I wanted to know what was next or the ending just wasn’t to my liking. Library trips for me are still a treat, so many hidden treasures… so many books to read and worlds to explore. YES I want them all! To this very day my favorite store in the mall is still the bookstore, crazy as it may sound I own more books than shoes. My favorite online shopping these days is through my nook and my greatest excitement is finding a book I want to read on clearance or even better yet for FREE! If you were to ask me to describe my dream home it would be full of nice comfortable quiet places for me to just sit, curled up with a book… lost in some new and exciting place… a pleasure only an avid reader understands fully.

This joy I found in reading has brought me to my current creative love for writing. For me it is an honor to share part of me with you through the collection of my thoughts written down specifically for you to connect with me and experience something, hopefully great, through my writings. Today I dream of taking you on an exciting journey with me and having you see the world through my eyes. I dream of inspiring you to live a moment outside your self, to travel where you thought you couldn’t and remember what you didn’t even know you had forgotten. I dream of touching your heart and moving your soul with my colorful tapestry of words… to remind you that you are not alone, that you are very much alive and that we all are more alike than we are different.

My love affair with words has driven me to put my thoughts down in writing, to organize my poetry in a book and to want to just share it all with you today. To you the reader, I say thank you for allowing me to share part of me with you today. I am honored!

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