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Angels Among Us…

June 28, 2012

There are people in our journey through life
that very much resemble angels incarnated.
Their sole purpose seems to be to shine their
light so brightly that others may be able to see
and understand their own darkness
and in doing so they open their hearts
and lives to true joy and pure happiness.
Incredibly with this one example of
they are then able to allow God’s light
in their own life and slowly
they become a beacon of love as well.

If you look closely you can almost see
the flutter of their wings in the evening wind
as their light magically creates more light that in turn
releases the darkness of the world and heals its pain
from the inside out… one person at a time.

Have you seen an angel among us?
Amazingly the eyes are a window into the soul
and a smile is a glimpse into the heart of a human being.
There is where the angel resides quietly…
When we see both a glow in the eyes and love in a smile
it is true joy that embraces us at that moment
and it lingers with us for all eternity.

Sadly death makes us reflect upon our own life
as we are brutally faced with our own mortality.
What will we leave behind when we are gone?
What are we teaching with our lives today?
How will we be remembered?

But God creates miracles in everything…
death helps us see how valuable and precious life really is
and the passing of an angel among us is a wakeup call
to really live life NOW!
Our lives should not be wasted
on senseless and meaningless garbage
but rather lived with purpose, passion and to the fullest,
honoring our creator at every moment
and making Him proud to be our father.

There is an angel within you… have you seen it lately?

Monica Garcia Saenz © 2012

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