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About the Book

Welcome to Expressions of the Self – A Journey Though Life in the Form of Poetry

The Story behind the book –

Expressions of the Self - A Journey Through Life in the Form of Poetry... Thank you for sharing this journey with me.

This book has been a long time in the making. I started writing poetry in high school but didn’t really get into it on a deeper level until the birth of my daughter Edith in 1996. Right around that time I had a radio show on KKFI 90.1 FM Community Radio in Kansas City, Missouri. Mine was bi-lingual night time radio show by the name of “La Hora del Amor” or “The Spanish Love Hour” and through it I played romantic music in spanish and a little bit of romantic english music performed by Latin artists. It was through this show that I got the idea to read poetry on the air  half way through the show and it was a hit with my listening audience. Then I asked myself why not write my own poetry both in english and spanish and share it on the air. My listeners loved it even more because it was personal and they inspired me to continue writing and asked me if I would consider publishing a book. This was the birth of my love for poetry and the moment I realize I had a gift for writing. With each radio show my poetry collection grew and grew as did my excitement and passion for writing.  I pushed myself to write a new poem for every show and with each positive response I began to believe in myself more and more…  

What my listeners didn’t know was that it was right around this same time of the radio show that I decided to teach myself to write in spanish (never having formally studied it before, other than high school spanish class). My parents were from Chihuahua, Mexico so I grew up speaking spanish at home but I didn’t know how to read it and write it let alone write poetry in spanish. I had a great love for Mexico, it’s music and it’s culture and at times I even wished I was born there like my older siblings and parents. So there I was, at age 27, a bi-lingual radio show host that decided to turn poet… and so I did. With my spanish/english dictionary in hand I started writing and I loved it. Funny thing is that most of my poetry I wrote in spanish and translated into english. I share this because most of the poems you will read in this book are translations of a spanish version and I hope to one day publish the spanish version of this book as well.

There were long periods of time in my life in which I didn’t write anything. My poetry folder sat sadly in a dusty box or a crowded drawer, unattended and forgotten. I look back and I clearly see that the reason why my inspiration was missing was because I was in a period of growth and transition… finding my way but mostly just lost. I have come to understand that it really is in times of peace, tranquility and joy that I am able to tap into my creativity and express myself in written form. It is when I am on the “right” track, when things are going good and I am doing well that they ideas begin to flow and spirit speaks to me in the form of creative writing energy.

This book really is a compliation of my life’s journey. I look back and I don’t regret the pain, the suffering or the difficult moments because it was through them that I learned to not only grow and become stronger but really and truly appreciate the beautiful moments of my life. I believe I needed to travel, love, lose and just live life. I needed to experience it all in a big way, fall down, get back up again and hit my head against the metaphorical brick wall a million times in order to have what I needed to get back up and live life in a greater fashion and finally be where I am today – just grateful and happy. I needed to grow and mature from it all. I needed to meditate and think about it, understand it and write it all down so that I could share it with you today, here, in this book!  

The Book –

The Self consists of four parts:

The Physical

The Mental

The Emotional

and The Spiritual….

We each express all parts of the self daily in many ways… verbally, physically, in written form and through our actions. For us, the need for expression is so great that we could not suppress it and remain sane, even if we tried. All parts of the self are connected in their essence and a balance must be obtained in order for the whole to survive successfully… in the following pages you will discover stories unraveled in the form of poetry that contain bits and pieces of my entire self on a journey in that eternal search for balance as well as the many other “self’s” I have encountered throughout my lifetime. This very personal and intimate story collection has never before been shared in this format. Thank you for sharing the journey with me.  Monica Garcia Saenz

 “A smile is the voice of inner beauty expressing itself to the world from deep within.”  –  Monica Garcia Saenz


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