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About Monica

Monica Garcia Saenz is a proud Latina writer from of Kansas City, Missouri, whose roots grow deep in Chihuahua, Mexico. Chihuahua is where she spent most of her childhood summers. It is that beautiful state in Northern Mexico that birthed her love for the Spanish language, the Hispanic culture and her Mexican heritage. Chihuahua is the origin to so many beautiful memories that linger and appear in her writings every now and again.  Being born and raised in Kansas City offered her an invaluable opportunity to be an american, to enjoy life in the midwest and to create many longlasting and wonderful friendships… oh and many, many memorable life experiences that also appear in her writings.

Monica feels blessed to have the best of both worlds, having lived in Mexico for five years and embracing its culture in her daily life while making a home in the good old USA. She is proud to be 100 percent Bilingual and Bicultural. She now lives in Florida with her beautiful family. They are her daily inspiration to write, her strength in challenging moments and motivation to continue growing! She loves spending time with her family, going to the beach, reading, writing and cooking Authentic Mexican food (almost as much as she loves eating it).

A few years back, and with the intention of having more time to write, Monica started MGS Designz & More… a business that is dedicated to providing marketing support to both corporate and non-profit organizations. MGS Designz & More specializes in creative writing, web design, graphic design, email marketing, blog design and graphic designs for print. Although she loves helping people launch their businesses and realize their professional dreams with great marketing pieces, she dreams of one day being able to write for a living.  

Monica enjoys writing poetry and inspirational pieces. She currently has a few books in the “making”. Expressions of the Self is her first poetry collection to be shared with the public in published form. In the past she produced the Garcia Family Newsletter for her very large family and intimate friends in an effort to unite them with love through her writings. She is the author of “A Hero’s Story” (a look into the heroic act & tragedy of Primitivo Garcia) recently published in the Chicken Soup for the Latino Soul book. She is niece to Primitivo Garcia and is committed to sharing his legacy through her writings and life actions. Her greatest aspiration is to leave beautiful white footprints in the lives of all who read her works.

Monica can be reached at

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  1. Natalie Garcia permalink
    December 18, 2010 12:20 am

    I love you Tia Monica with all my heart. I really apreciate how much effort you have done to put out the story of Primitivo Garcia! 🙂


  1. My Love Affair « Expressions of the Self

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