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Latino Soul

A Hero’s Story by Monica Garcia Saenz was featured in the Chicken Soup for the Latino Soul

A Hero's Story was featured in the Latino Soul book

Inspiring, heartwarming and humorous, this special story collection celebrates Latino life and community across the country.

Whether your roots are in Mexico, Central or South America, the Caribbean or the Iberian Peninsula, the stories in this volume will remind you of the pride, hope and joy of being part of the Latino community in America. Chicken Soup for the Latino Soul showcases the storytelling traditions of Latino culture, articulating the joys, struggles and triumphs of the Latino experience:

  • An abuela shares memories of encountering Pancho Villa and his army on hot, dusty summer morning while fetching water at the town square.
  • A favorite tia explains her philosophy of life through the methodical preparation of enchiladas
  • A young man learns an important lesson about life while trying to make his mother pronounce English “properly”
  • A young woman recounts her family’s successful struggle to survive the Great Depression in Spanish Harlem.

With stories that explore culture and identity, and that celebrate families and spirituality, living in two languages, crossing borders and overcoming life’s challenges, each chapter focuses on the uniqueness of the Latino experience and tradition.

Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Susan Sánchez-Casal

Click here to read a Hero’s Story now!


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