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In the Clouds of Your Memory

June 28, 2012

I am here… sitting in the clouds of your memory
deeply engraved in the walls of your existence
imbedded in your very essence
recorded in the story of your life
loving you for all eternity…

Like a hidden spark of flame
a sudden rush of Love
or an expected opportunity
a moment waiting its birth in a near tomorrow
like a ray of sun brightening your day
like the hope of a marvelous dawn to come
or a promise of what will be

I am for you that inevitable road
that destiny carved in stone
the final destination stop on your life’s train
that wonderful direction already taken
a purchased ticket into your magical future

I wait impatiently through the eternities of time
wanting to leave my mark on your heart
needing to melt our bodies into one
and once again intertwine my being with yours
leaving my scent on your soul
and my smile on your skin

So that every time you feel
the strong beating of your enamored interior
you shall remember only me
and every time the scent of the familiar reaches you
you shall smell only me
and every time a soft breeze touches your skin
and makes you shudder from within
you shall feel only me

And it is then that you will know for sure
that it is my song that inspires the great pounding of your heart
and the powerful waking of your insides
and then you will know that it is not the sunrise that takes your breath away
but my soul that calls out to yours loudly through natures beauty
And then you will know that it is not the wind that is gently caressing you
because it is all that is mine softly touching all that is yours
through these invisible threads of love
in this amazing universe made for you and I

I am the unknown future that tastes of well recorded habits
our souls united forever
our destinies deliciously intertwined
our paths already crossed centuries ago
I am that which you have always known
and that which you feel in the present moment
now becoming that eternal being in your life
that cannot be erased with any amount of wanting

I am that which overcomes the raging storms
of the dreary daily doings
and remains steadfast and only yours
in spite of time
in spite of distance
in spite of doubts
in spite of fears
in spite of chaos
in spite of war and even
in spite of the uncertainties

I am here in the clouds of your memory…
the memory of your past,
your present and your future…
living amidst a blurry haze of cotton
in the clouds that have always been and
in those that are waiting to exist

Monica Garcia Saenz © 2012

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