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I Need You

May 24, 2019

Truth came to visit me today. It arrived unexpectedly through my open window coming in gently with the cool breeze of the early morning wind flowing freely from the west.

It brought me courage and a much needed dose of honesty so that I could finally admit what I’ve been holding back all this time since you left my side. I’ve been unable to admit that …


Like the moon needs the night sky glittered with stars in order to shine bright in all her glorious beauty and guide her children through the darkness of the late hours


Like the tree needs its strong roots that run deep and thick into the earth’s fertile womb feeding it life and strengthening its very existence against the forces of nature that come to test her resistance and question her might


Like the rosary beads need the strength of its string which holds them together through the years with the power of the Holy Spirit flowing through them answering prayers and providing miracles to those who dare to believe and ask in His name


Like this body needs the powerful beating of her heart in order to magically carry oxygen through her veins in her rich beautiful sweet blood reaching every cell from head to toe in order to remain alive, well and strong in her journey.


In spite of all the warnings against a woman needing a man who isn’t even hers because the very act of needing him brings about her greatest unwanted pain and inevitable demise…


Because my energy loves your energy incredibly so, my heart smiles largely simply at the thought of you, because my spirit calls out to you in the quiet of the deep night and my skin tingles even still at the memory of your powerful hands exploring every inch of my body.


Because I feel most woman in your loving arms, because my heart beats stronger and louder in unison with yours, because I never knew my soul could long so deeply and passionately for another calling out to you through space and time in spite of heartaches and disappointments wanting desperately to just feel you once again just to know that I’m still alive.

Always and Forever, I need you.

Monica Garcia Saenz © 2019


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